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    August Cycle Update

    Hello Crime City Mobsters!

    With Spooneron’s last post, you read that a new team has taken over the operations of Crime City.

    I am Codeus, you can think of me as a kind of "Consigliere" here. And with my colleague Karrazz who's going to be your “Bug Exterminator” (please check his presentation here), we are delighted to get the chance to assist you as much as we can through the forum.
    As for me, I will make sure that you consistently get the last news about the game and that you receive all the relevant info whenever there is something unexpected going on.

    Last time I got the chance to check, my file says that I’m a real gamer who enjoys spending hours in front of a good rpg as much as racing games, so if you got something to recommend, I'm all ears. Apart from that, when I am not busy making sure that all your great events make it to the game, I enjoy my life embracing two sins, Rum and Cigars! There's so much to say about that and so much to not say...

    Anyway, I like to go straight to the point so now I am here to share with you the major events that we planned for August 2017:

    • Battle for Empire City – Chinatown Splash (08/04 to 08/07)
    • Hate&Revenge – Tin How Swarm (08/07 to 08/16)
    • Street Assault – Gum Saan (08/11 to 08/14)
    • Battle for Empire City – Red Dragon (08/18 to 08/21)
    • Hardcore Boss – Chris Jackson (08/21 to 08/25)
    • Street Assault – Zai Jian (08/25 to 08/28)
    • Raid Boss – Jenny Lee (08/28 to 09/01)

    That’s all for now, I am sure you will enjoy the fight. Have a wonderful day!

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