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Thread: August Cycle Update

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    August Cycle Update

    Greetings Soldiers!

    My name is Karrazz and I am your new <insert here motivational adjective> bug exterminator! While we’re still at introductions, I would like to also introduce to you Codeus, your consigliere (check out his presentation here!).

    While both of us will be working on making sure you have the best experience possible in game, my focus will be on the technical side. Basically, I am here to whip bugs to death and burn events before you even get to see them! Cool, right?

    Here’s a few words about myself. Real life French nerd, I absolutely love playing different kinds of games. When I’m not bashing aliens with my space hammer, I am farming carrots in a valley full of dragons while getting that industrial production of my factories ramped up.
    I love waffles and unicorns, and if you ever want to have a good chat about random topics, I’m always here to add up the memes and pimp the chat!

    Now! Back on topic!
    As you may have already read in the announcements last month, QueenMila announced the July event cycle. Now it’s my turn huehue!

    Hate and revenge
    Event Name Start Date End Date
    Stadion Games 14-Aug 18-Aug
    The Valley of the Kings 28-Aug 1-Sep

    Epic Boss
    Event Name Start Date End Date
    Evil Game Designer Attacks 14-Aug 18-Aug
    Akhenaten 28-Aug 1-Sep

    Hardcore Boss
    Event Name Start Date End Date
    Hermocrates 7-Aug 11-Aug
    Ahmose 21-Aug 25-Aug

    Raid Boss
    Event Name Start Date End Date
    Leosthenes 31-Jul 4-Aug

    Event Name Start Date End Date
    Kefalonia Rebellion 4-Aug 7-Aug
    Gisr el-Mudir Battle 18-Aug 21-Aug

    World Domination
    Event Name Start Date End Date
    Olympic Landing 11-Aug 14-Aug
    Operation NileStorm 25-Aug 27-Aug

    *Please note that any of the dates shown above are for planning purposes. These may be subject to changes depending on a lot of things (team needs, bugs, general planning, other events being way cooler, etc....).

    That’s it for today! I hope you all enjoy what we prepared for you!

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