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    Referral code

    I just started play the game and I am looking for a referral code to obtain the armor, someone can help me? I play on iOS in Europe
    Thank you


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    London, England, the UK -'Capital of the World' ;-)
    You need NEW Players to put your code in when the start playing . Or just get another/ borrow device , get Wi-Fi , download Game , start it , put in your original's code , wait for confirmation , delete new game . Repeat until you are bored or you reach reward tier you want ! ;-)

    Probably a bit naughty but no one minds these days to help newbies ... X-D

    3* Witch Armour is pretty poor - go for 4* or better Armours from Starter packs and/or Chance Chests ? 50-200 Gems bought & spent wisely now can give you a tremendous boost & prevents lots of slogging & mind numbingly boring repeat Adventuring runs to accumulate materials to Craft & Fuse with etc .
    Doing this I maxed my stats at Level 100 on Euro Server Android version last year , in SIX DAYS ! It took me a MONTH to reach Level 100 on World Server version in early 2014 ...
    Draw your own conclusions ...

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