Hello Modern Warriors,

We received feedback on the previous compensation stating that the community wanted to have the daily rank rewards for the HCB as you could not complete the event on the last day.

As compensation for the last day of the event we have added 10 points to everyone’s final point total. Based on these new point totals we have already awarded the appropriate items from the daily reward list by means of direct item injections. Furthermore we have re-activated the rewarding system from the old event which will be automatically triggered upon your login. You will see pop ups and receive the additional adequate rewards based on your progress during the event. Please note this compensation mechanism will be Live between today (28th of July 2017) and the 3rd of August 2017, so please log in within this timeframe to recieve the rewards your were entitled for.

Sample pop ups that you might see (depending upon your cumulative progress) are attached below:

Thank you for your patience and have a good weekend!

Queen Mila