Our Guild is a top 50ish team, we have done as good as 50 with YTD average of 56

It's time to clean house and axe some non-players are low activity players.

We need "active daily" players

We have all Guild bonuses and all but the last Citadel bonus which we are actively working on raising Militia for, have 67% now

We can complete raid boss for the heroic bonuses, but it would be easier with more help.

No requirements other than donate Militia and help on a daily basis at at least qualify in War. You can miss a few days here or there in events but the more regular help the easier some events become. Join us and together we can all become stronger.

Currently we have 6 open spots, more to be freed up soon and if needed we have mini's we can drop to make more room.

TBB 979-704-967