Hello Crime City Mobsters,

I want to address a couple of topics today regarding the compensation for Street Assault Tavern Attack.

Firstly, what was the compensation about: On the 29th May 2017, we had a issues with our Matchmaking servers during the Street Assault Event "Tavern Attack". NS discussed and agreed with the community representatives that the compensation for the same would be done in the following manner-

1) In the month of July, we will be presenting you with lucrative opportunities to get the Syndicate Materials- We have done this with Login Rewards and Limited Time Goals Events.

2) In the month of July, there will be one Attractive Bundle with good deals on gold and consumables- We presented a bundle (called Mega Bundle) starting on the 17th of July lasting until the 21st of July.

So far we have been receiving some tickets from players enquiring about not having received the compensation for Tavern Attack. Therefore I would like to throw some light on the situation:

Point 1:- As these are login rewards and event rewards, players who have participated in the event and/or logged in during specific days of the month would receive those syndicate materials. If you feel having missed out- please log in into the game between 18th to 20th and 25th to 27th to receive your rewards for the rest of the month.

Point 2:- We learnt from your feedback that you were expecting a "Stronger" bundle in terms of the quantity of Gold and also the consumable items. To make you happy, we will be presenting a "Compensation Bundle" with higher Gold values and multiple consumable items. Please note this would be a one time Bundle created specifically to honor your wishes and this will not reflect the standard state of economy in the game. You can find the contents of the bundle below:

Bundlel 1- Only 1 Purchasable
Gold 4,100
Assault Demon 15
Raid Boss Ammo Refill 15
Epic Boss Battle Health Refill 15
Empire Battle Health Refill 15
Stim Pack 15
Stamina 15
Items 3
Money 2,000,000
Bundle 2
Gold 1,445
Assault Demon 10
Raid Boss Ammo Refill 10
Epic Boss Battle Health Refill 10
Empire Battle Health Refill 10
Stim Pack 10
Stamina 10
Items 3
Money 1,500,000
Bundle 3
Gold 750
Assault Demon 7
Raid Boss Ammo Refill 7
Epic Boss Battle Health Refill 7
Empire Battle Health Refill 7
Stim Pack 7
Stamina 7
Items 3
Money 1,000,000
Bundle 4- Only 2 Purchasable
Gold 520
Assault Demon 5
Raid Boss Ammo Refill 5
Epic Boss Battle Health Refill 5
Empire Battle Health Refill 5
Stim Pack 5
Stamina 5
Items 3
Money 750,000
Bundle 5- Only 2 Purchasable
Gold 245
Assault Demon 4
Raid Boss Ammo Refill 4
Epic Boss Battle Health Refill 4
Empire Battle Health Refill 4
Stim Pack 4
Stamina 4
Items 3
Money 500,000

Also a gesture of gratitude for your patience, we will give out one time Login Reward of 20 Street Assault Demons to everyone who will Log into the game between 21st of July 2017 3:00 PM and 24th of July 2017 10:00 AM

So to summarise, another bundle will await you during the weekend and you can receive more syndicate materials by participating in the login and goal events.

Many thanks for your continued support.