Hello Modern Warriors,

I am writing to you today to give you some information about on-going compensations for issues during some of our events.

Update on Arming Argentina compensation

As for the World Domination, community representatives shared with NS that an attractive bundle and increased amounts of the Alliance City materials was something that you wished for. You could and still can get the latter ones in Limited Time Goals as well as Daily Login Rewards.
In terms of Bundle, on the last Friday, 14th of July, we presented to you much stronger Bundle than usual. However, we heard your feedback - you were expecting better gold deals. We want to make it up to you with a bundle starting this weekend. Please remember that it is an extraordinary situation and we will not be able to run this type of bundles on regular basis since it they don't match with the in-game economy state.

Update on Crimson Warden Comes Back compensation

We know that because of the lag during the final hours of the HCB event some of you could not complete your goals. Therefore we decided to give everyone who participated in the event rewards as if they have completed an extra goal. These Players will be also getting rewards for completing guild goals. The compensation should show up on your accounts this week, the latest by Thursday.

To sum up, compensations are still being given away - there is a very attractive bundle starting this Friday, 21st of July, you can still get Alliance City materials by logging into the game and those who participated in the Hard Core Boss event will get extra rewards.

Thanks for your patience and continuous support.
As always looking forward to your feedback.

Queen Mila