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    Why Guild Wars aren't fun for some Guilds.

    Why Guild Wars aren't fun for some Guilds.

    When things like this exist.

    A guide to gaming the system.

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    How does information, such as the chart you listed, cause the game to not be fun for some guilds? Do you know why things that exist? Partly it exists because of inherent flaws in the game. For example, lets assume that you have some of the best armors in the game. If you attack a GM who has inferior armors to yours, you cannot get maximum points, even though you "won" the battle. In essence, during wars, players are punished for having superior armors. How is that right? If the developers would fix the code so that a win against any player, regardless of armors, allowed maximum points appropriate to their opponents rank, then that table would not need to exist.
    Also, in any game or life for that matter, most people strive for efficiency. Tables exist, like maps, to help show the most efficient path to you end goal or destination. That table is no different.

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    Join an alliance, then it will get real fun

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