Forever We Fight [Phoenix] Recruiting

Greetings to all Modern War players. We are excited to announce that our Top 185 Faction have spots available for new comers to join us. We are looking for active people and who love to communicate with the others in groupme.

  • Must join us in GroupMe
  • Must be active
  • We expect top quality from you
  • Dont be selfish, mean or rude.
  • Most importantly, have fun as well; welcome to the family

We have tons of people from different timezones, so you will never be lonely. Plus, not only we are good, we are also, laid back. We want to have fun as well improve the faction as a group. We don't care if you spend money on your account, it is not a requirement. We want you to be a Phoenix. We want you to be good. I want you to look at your stats and say that you need some improvement. Well, guess what my friend. Improvement starts here.

To Join Us. You can PM me or 311559463