Gree, you've incompetently stumbled into another opportunity to prove me wrong that you're just as incompetent at game management as game coding by NOT fixing the raid boss.

As yourselves if what you're going to do would put all your players on an even playing field, and then realize NO IT WON'T. Turning off the mistaken energy refill loads? Oh, sorry you guys that thought you had several days to work on the pre-announced quest on the same terms everyone else did. Handing out orbs? Fine, I suppose, as long as that's all you do AND you apologize to people that spent the last cycle farming orbs as usual. I'm sure there are other possibilities for what cracked-out crap you could do, but the point remains that it will advantage some players and some guilds over others unless you LEAVE IT ALONE. That way, we're all facing the same broken quest with the same opportunities.

I've had this debate here several times with other players who contend that "obvious errors" should be expected to be fixed by you. The problem with that line of thinking is not only does it rest on your, shall I say, less than respectable level of consistency, but it also leaves no clear path forward for your player base. Should we be spending our orbs for energy refills, or as an "obvious error" are you going to take those away? Should we spend down into the orbs we'd normally need to finish a usual quest, assuming you actually will hand some out? Should we sit on our hands, potentially missing those opportunities that other players and guilds will get, just because we dont want any risk of missing out on the "usual" quest rewards? Anybody that thinks they have an answer is just guessing.

As a final note, I'll also just say there was nothing stopping me from pressing the "available loot" button before summoning numerous level 5 bosses, so it's not like I or anyone else was cheated out of orbs.

Seriously, show you have some critical-thinking abilities for once and leave this all as-is.