Hey Crime City Mobsters!

We're offering up some goodies with Permanent Bonuses that'll boost your performance in the upcoming Street Assault! Check it out:

Thunder Sale: March 03 3:00PM to March 06 2:59PM PST
Limit 1 per item.

  • Thunder Puma [+3% Street Assault Points]
  • Thunder Handgun Helmet [+4% Street Assault Deploy Regen]
  • Thunder Negotiator [+20% Mafia Attack]
  • Lockup Tactical Assault [+10% Mafia Attack]
  • Hook Sadillac DaShill [+15% Mafia Attack]
  • Jailbreak Powersuit [+20% Mafia Attack]

Also, be on the look out for this special crate on Saturday:

24-Hour Sprout Crate: March 04 12:00AM - March 05 11:59PM PST

  • Obtain all the items from the Sprout Crate and earn a Battery Bulldog [+1% Empire City Health Regen]

Be sure to check them out in game!