~ Phoebus Rising ~
~ Proud Member of the SOB Alliance ~
~ Part of DK Empire ~

Guild Level 75 ~ All Bonuses Maxed

We are a t10 guild that finishes top 100 consistently without breaking the bank ~

We formed the SOB Alliance with 3 other t10 guilds: Rushka, DEADicated, SG Knights and have grown to over 30 main guilds.
We are a tight, friendly and drama free alliance.
We make in-house top runs regularly and have a blast along the way.

Gemming is not required, as long as you can meet the minimums.

Phoebus is an active guild that consists of players around the world. We stay busy 24/7 during war time.
We also have a couple sub guilds so we can accommodate for all levels.

We often run t10 & t25 and have opportunities to make these runs every week for those who are interested. Come play K&D with us and give us a go ~ You won't be disappointed!

Find us in Line - screenshots are required
LINE ID sand03

We are Phoebus.
Respect. Invest. Be Active.
Lets Rise!