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Thread: Raid Boss balls up

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    Raid Boss balls up


    Some games had 800% bonus for raid boss......
    Lots didn't.
    Some used free hits to score huge points.....
    Lots used real money
    Some teams encouraged the use of this bonus to break the TOS and place much higher than previous events........
    Lots did not and had to fight against them with real money

    Gree reaction:
    Ok, let's stop the event and refund all that was spent and start again.
    Pmsl, of course they didn't......simple answer, they decided to give everyone the same prize, thus nullifying the event and the money spent......

    Anyone else slightly annoyed by this? Or is the forum as dead as the brains of the programmers putting out these glitched events.......

    Judging by previous Gree programming errors then all those who used the 'glitch' should be banned as it breaks the TOS........

    Let's see how long this takes to get removed or hidden away. Obviously customer support will be working hard on a canned reply......

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    Dammit, there was a glitch? Bet the majority of us didn't even know about it. I surely didn't...
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