Hello GREE, I am a f2p player gone p2w. Nothing too hardcore, I usually buy couple of rainbows every month to do some t10 or t5 runs.

Now, I'm ok to put up with the bluestacks speed hackers that are t1 in every raid. I'm ok with being forced to spend money to get the SF+ armours, otherwise I can't raid well.

But this?
You nerfed stunrates last Heroic. Last Heroic, KoD took me ~100 gems with 2 recent SF+s and a Season armour SF+, all with the bling sets - with Omaha (creme de la creme) and another friend who's just as strong.

The only thing that made me grind your content with my crazy armours was the consolation that the earlier levels were more or less doable. More or less, because even levelling up during the fight, Sunken Carrack still needed 7 gems for 1 resurrect each time.

Before, I could do 3 Guardian Crossing runs with secondary knight before he died. Now, I use a 16k stat same season DF+ with bling that counters the boss elements, on my MAIN knight and he's left with 70/1377 hp because of a lucky stun on boss on last hit. Oh yes and the maxed leech pet.

How is that difficulty OK? The fact you're giving the bling set in the next stages is irrelevant because those were up for sale anyway later on. What does it mean when someone in the top 0.1% of your playerbase can't do the new content without spending gems equivalent to a t5 war run?

It means, I'll stop paying you, because it's pointless. Maybe you won't feel it, but I bet some other people are so disappointed too. With last heroic you seemed to do it right - weaker players can get the DF and maybe the bling. Maybe even the DF +. But the SF+ was a real challenge, even with recent WAR SF+ with blingsets. This new difficulty is beyond insane. Grinding out countless levels just to get a level-up in the middle of the last zones was already too much, but now I can't even do that? No, I will not spend my nights grinding your game out even more.

In the long run, it's your game and your choices. But I'm glad you did this now, my wallet will feel 300$ happier next month. It seems your game devs arent intrested in making you money. Thats fine.

Yours truly,