Greetings Crime City Mobsters!

In the month of February, not only are we offering more valuable prizing, events will be more heavily themed around bonus types! Look forward to obtaining bonuses tied to specific event types, and use them to boost your performance in other events that offer other powerful prizes.

For example, you may want to participate in the Street Assault to grab some Influence Point bonuses that runs prior to the Battle for Empire City.

Participation in a variety of these events will be fundamental in dominating the streets for the best rewards!

Here’s a snippet of what you'll expect:

Tier 1: Battle for Empire City
Offers top tier, most powerful prizing!

Tier 2: Street Assault rewards
Offers prizes that can boost performance in Battle for Empire City.

Tier 3: Hate & Revenge, Hardcore Boss, and Raid Boss event rewards
Offers prizes that can boost your performance in Street Assault events, as well as other events in the Tier 3 category.

Tier 4: Rewards from Limited Time Quests and Lockbox Leaderboard
Offers prizes that help boost your performance in any of the events above.

Special: Crate prizes
Offers a variety of prizes with different bonuses and more.

Scratchers: Alliance City materials

Be aware that changes to these events and their offerings will be ongoing. This effort is to help streamline prizing for the Crime City community and bring more emphasis to event participation as the primary method of earning the best prizes.