Join ABX. Ranked 44 last war

ABX (T50) will make room for strong, reliable active players

ABX ID # 713 730 677 we are fun, laid back yet very competitive. We finish all EB, RB - no min requirements yet but be active. Our syndicate base is maxed out and factories are level on 10,we have the SA 50% point bonus, we use the factory production increase currently 22%, we also us the war defense bonus of 37% often. If you will commit to doing better than our mins, and are a strong, active and reliable player you can join our family and become a BANGER!

Our goals are T50, however we usually do much better, our requirements are War-20k avg. per day, SA-3mil avg. per day, RB - just be active and hit bosses and suggest no gold spending on this event, EB & HCB - 5 kills per day. Donate all factory production. These are easy mins for active players.

Many of our players are from Europe and Germany, some from Australia, Singapore and Pakistan the rest are from the US and Canada. We have a great global presence. Only peeps with decent stats need apply. Join us we have a good time.

We also have a great mini crew where the Syndicate Base is maxed out and working on Level 8 factories. No requirements at this time, just be active. We also have a camping crew no activity or mins required working on LVL 3 Factories.

You must have Groupme chat app. Come prepared with SS of account and past performance. Must have a good team oriented attitude for our drama free crew. Hit hit me up in our interview room, the link is noted below.