Stats still broken - according to GREE


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Thread: Stats still broken - according to GREE

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    Stats still broken - according to GREE

    I have two accounts, one main and one mini.

    My main is level 278, has a boosted AT of 1.5bb.

    My mini is level 133, has a boosted AT of 30t.

    Both accounts have 3000+ cash units of 250+ AT each.

    My main also has quite a few units much stronger than that, including 19 that are 1B-2B and 176 between 500M and 1B. Because of my boosts - which are very heavily lopsided towards sea and air, the Hardcore boss unit doesn't even make my army.

    My mini has 9 units between 1B and 1.5B and 129 units between 500M and 1B. However the Werewolf Paladin DOES make the army.

    The result is my main does 4.7t damage per FA, while my mini does 5.4t - these are GREE's numbers as shown in the summary and checked twice.

    I suspect that MW is using the boosted stats to determine which units to include in the army, but the unboosted stats for RB (as has always been the case). Surely unboosted stats should determine which units are included in RB.

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    Same situation right here, what a ClusterF@€k lol

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    It beggars belief!

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    I must disagree, mate.

    Player stats aren't broken, because that assumes they were at ONE time correct.

    My experiments and calculations lead me to believe that stats have never been correct once "boosts" of any kind were introduced into the game.

    Prior to that, can only rely upon anecdotal data to conclude stats were screwed from day one, too.

    I agree totally with your proposition that stats today are BONKERS!!!
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