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    Gift-A-Friend Contest!

    For Official Rules, please click here. If you are a minor, your legal guardian will have to agree to accept the Official Rules. Please see the Official Rules for details.

    Have a Friend who is completely awesome? Now’s your time to tell them! Write a 3 sentence reason why this person is great, and submit it to the form. A random 10 players will be selected, and both you AND your friend will receive a FREE Season 5 Shadowforged.

    10 Winners will be chosen by the Knights & Dragons Game Team.

    Contest Schedule

    • 12/27/2016 - 12/31/2016 - Entries Accepted
    • Winners will be announced 1/10/2017

    Where to Submit Your Entry

    Please only once. Do not submit duplicate entries.

    Submit via Google Forms


    • In order to be eligible, your submission must adhere to the following rules
    • Your submission must adhere to GREE’s Terms of Service
    • Your submission must adhere to the GREE Forum’s Code of Conduct, particularly the following points in the Code of Conduct regarding:
    - Abusive and/or Disrespectful Content towards other Players and Staff
    - Obscene, Vulgar, and Inappropriate Text/Images/Links
    - Racial, Ethnic, Nationality Posts
    - Politics and Religion/Religious Figures
    • Your submission must be your own original idea and cannot infringe on the copyrights of another individual, corporation or entity
    • Submissions must fit within the theme and feel of Knights & Dragons

    Submission Requirements

    When submitting your entry, you MUST include the following
    • 3 - 4 Sentences about your Friend
    • Phone System (iOS / Android)
    • In Game Name
    • Your Friend Code
    • Friend’s In Game Name

    Judging Criteria

    Your entry will be judged on the following criteria

    • Creativity


    • Each of the 10 winners and their friend will receive the Shadowforge selected in the form

    Restrictions and Conditions

    Limited to 1 entry per participant
    Prizes can only be distributed to the game you are designing for
    • Final submission acceptance and eligibility is at the discretion of GREE
    • Your Friend Code must be submitted with your entry in order to be eligible to receive a prize
    • Final implementation and depiction of the winning entry will be at the discretion and final approval of GREE
    • GREE reserves the right to alter or revoke a winning entry at its discretion if it is found that the entry does not comply to the rules of the contest
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