Hello Modern Warriors,

Last week and yesterday, there were some server hiccups that cause some players to not have certain transactions work properly. Our servers unfortunately accepted player gold, but did not properly pay out the units. This effected an LE last week and direct purchases yesterday. Our plan of action is to make sure that players got the item they paid for, and then refund any excess gold spend for the direct purchase. For the LE, because of the set possibility and getting additional units, we will just be doing a refund of the gold. We will update this thread as we resolve out these issues:

Direct Purchase Issue (12/5)
Items Paid Out: Done
Excess Gold Refunded: Done

LE Purchase Issue (11/30)
Gold Refunded: Done

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

1st Update: Reworded refunding for LE
2nd Update: LE issues from last week have been refunded.