Hey Modern Warriors,

There are a couple of subjects we wanted to update users on.

Frontline Exploit

It came to our attention via community representatives (thanks everyone!) that there were some suspicious actions and results in Frontline. Upon further review, we identified a number of users who were exploiting. We have taken actions against those who were cheating, and have recalculated the rewarding for both guild and individual leaderboards for the last 2 Frontlines. The newly calculated rewarding has already been paid out.

WD Formula Revamp

We continue to work on improving the WD point scoring. While we want players to discover the best strategy for themselves, players with stats lower than their opponents will continue to benefit from being clever with picking their targets and taking out the CC first, and players with higher stats will do best aiming for overwhelming force.

HV Chaining

We've heard reports that some players are able to revenge more often than other players and we are currently looking into that.

Co-leader Functionality

This feature isn't broken, it just isn't turned on yet. It should not have been in the update notes, and that was our mistake. Monday evening, assuming we see no issues with the current update, we will turn on force update. We will then turn the Co-leader feature on soon after that. The co-leader rank will have all the powers of a leader except they cannot demote the leader, and cannot make other people co-leaders.