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Thread: Chop Is Recruiting Active Players

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    Lightbulb Chop Is Recruiting Active Players

    Chop is looking for Active members to join us. We are very active bunch. We now have 30 players that joined us from Gree forums so this method works 100%!! We have about 7 seats open for the right fit. We have completed HQ and producing. Buildings Level 3. We love to chat, we are about building a friendship more than focusing on minimums. Our cap mins are 20m FL, 20k WD. We all go past the minimums. All players there are active. In the past WD we average 30-80k per player to rank us 300-400. In past FL our lowest players average 30-35m and highest 60-87m during FL. We Try to finish at rank 214-260. We haven't had an event with the new merge of awesome players to post ranks but once we do, then I'll post update here with pictures. We finish 9/9 in FL. 10/10 Goal as we work hard lol. We can and will make top 75-100 with your help.

    Faction code: 711-130-457

    We use Group me, if you can pm me your email then I'll find you on Groupme!!

    Come chat with us at

    20m FL, 20k WD easy minimum cap, we all like your tapping fingers.

    All members become officers when they join.

    Our DL is 74aa

    FL times: 6pm start war. Then 2:30am. 9:30am, 5:30pm And last battle 4:15 pm est.

    FL you can declare wars whenever you would like, just make sure few are on to help with war.

    WD times: every hour there will be a battle up.

    As always we respect each other, no attitudes. No drama. Everyone is laid back and Love to have fun stress free.

    Any question, don't hesitate to ask.
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