Hello Modern Warriors!

During this weekend between November 25th 12:01am Pacific through November 28th 11:59pm Pacific, all Gold spent counts toward rewards from the Thanksgiving Weekend Bonus Rewards Special.
Payout of the Tiered Spender items will be completed by November 30th, 12:00 PM Pacific.

Tier 1: 650 Gold
Thanksgiving Nemesis
8% Sea Defense

Tier 2: 1,000 Gold
Thanksgiving Hedgehog
15% Ground Attack

Tier 3: 2,000 Gold
Thanksgiving Mohawk
25% Air Attack

Tier 4: 5,500 Gold
Thanksgiving Doughboy
10% Alliance Defense

Tier 5: 15,000 Gold
Thanksgiving Nautilus
15% Alliance Attack

Tier 6: 35,000 Gold
Thanksgiving MULE
20% Alliance Defense

Tier 7: 70,000 Gold
Thanksgiving Knight
45% Alliance Attack

Tier 8: 120,000 Gold
Thanksgiving Zodiac
60% Alliance Defense

Tier 9: 150,000 Gold
Thanksgiving Star-Killer
80% Alliance Attack

Q: How will I know if I qualify for prizes?
A: We will be tallying the total Gold Spent for this at the end of the event and paying out prizes by payout date accordingly.

Q: So this means any Gold I spend towards anything in-game counts towards the Thanksgiving Weekend Bonus Rewards Special?
A: Yes, that is correct. Even if it's spent on a consumable item and you do not use it.

Q: If I reach Tier 3 will I also receive the prizes for Tiers 1 and 2?
A: Yes, you will receive all of the prizes for previous tiers.