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    Game crash when is loading from version 1.34.000

    I have written to gree support by this problem, but I'll comment on this in case someone else has it.

    The problem es this:

    Before the 1.34.000 version of the game, I could play on my tablet with any type of connection, even with the wifi zone of my mobile and its 3G connection.
    After installing version 1.34.000 has been impossible to play again with the connection of the wifi zone of my mobile, and I even started to have many problems to play with the home connection in my town where I work, which is 12 Mb by second, the game crashed when it is finishing to load. The only site where I could continue playing without almost having problems, it was with the connection of the house that I have in the city where I live on weekends, which has a fiber connection of 30 Mb by second.
    With the following versions 1.35.000 and 1.36.000, the problems have not been solved, indeed, they have gotten worse. In my town I sometimes have to try to start the game 10-15 times or more to play, and in my city now also fails sometimes, having to try to start it with 3-5 tries and sometimes crashing the game when you are already playing.
    I think when there is some clan event active, the problems are worse too, I imagine because the game tries to read more data yet.

    I can not improve my connection because it is the maximum that the connections infrastructure allows me. I play a lot more games on my tablet and none have these kind of problems, I can even play them with the connection of the wifi zone of my mobile.

    I hope that the latest changes will be removed, or that the nexts can relax the game to play again with slow connections.


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    I haven't had that problem....

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