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    Hi guys and Gree, I have an suggestion about trading,

    I think it is better if Gree Trading armors in Knights and Dragons because it will be easy for other people to help and to be easy in guild wars and raids.. so we will be strong, for example, I have Dragonforged, and other player wants my Dragonforged and the other player have 2 epics, We will trade, I will have the 2 epics and he will have the dragonforged. Hoping peoples will reply about this also, Hoping this trading armors will be added, I also have an another idea, how about make the epic boss a Dragonforged boss, because when I was playing on 2013, the epic boss used to be legendary armor and epic was the strongest, and when the dragonforged was added, the legendary was upgraded to epic, and now there's a shadowforged which is the strongest, I think it will be better if there is a Dragonforged boss, I also think it will be better if there is a Guild Reward system, for example, The commander or high commander did a good job on a war, the Guild Master can reward them with 50 gems or more or his armor (optional), that's all, if I get more idea I will edit my post here, I hope you guys reply and comment what you think about this, Thanks for reading.

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    I hear ya! Some of the armors I do not use anymore on my account can make another player very happy as players still pay quite a few gems to win them

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    Won't happen. This has been requested since about a 1,000 times since years.
    If Gree can't charge for a feature, it won't be realized.
    I already wondered why the new 'collect all' button doesn't come with a 1 gem fee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roookey1 View Post
    I already wondered why the new 'collect all' button doesn't come with a 1 gem fee.
    You are so right! Best free upgrade we've had.
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