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    Heroic joke

    Seriously? 1 week for heroic mode?

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    My cooment on post-buff zones 13-16:
    So I ended up trying Zephyr Plateau, since that account needed 4 more of the drops to craft the armor. Started out with 2 armors with about 3500/3500 stats including ring/amulet, 1 older DF+set that wasn't super element-wise, and as friends a 5000/5000 DF and a 6300/6100 SF. I started out with 270 gems, spent 5/9/13/17/20/23/26/30/30/30/30/30 on revives (263) and ended up with the 8/8 boss being at about a quarter health, AKA about 60-90 gems short. If I would be willing to skip 2-3 days of epic boss fights, I might be able to replace 5-7 of the revives with healing (healing resets that screen's monsters, so you need to clear a whole screen or it's just wasted. So in my calculations it would have been about 350 gems for 4 drops for me or about 88 gems per drop. So it's not much better than waiting for a chest to have the drops as freebies: a step chest right now offers 1/12 of the starmetal SF for 161 gems, including 5 draws for other stuff and the recent DF blowout chest had 2 manipulator eyepiece(?) SF drops for I think 399 including 52(?) draws for other stuff. (ended up with 3 OK-ish DF on that one.)

    edit: For zones 1-12 you get a mono epic, which at best is fusion fodder. And for 2x epic you now do 12x8 runs instead of 16x8 runs, of which the top 4x8 were cut away, so a shorter time to get the epic+ is reasonable, though something like 1 1/2 weeks probably would have been more appropriate.
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    its a beta version... so maybe the real version will be better

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