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    Doubts about the procedure bind / retrieve account between two devices

    Since version 1.34.000 I have had many problems playing on my tablet when I'm connected to the wifi from my house in my city work, whose connection has a speed about 10 Mbytes/s. When I play in my home where I have a connection of 30 Mbytes/s, I have less problems loading the game without problems almost always.
    Auditioning to play in my city work, I installed the BlueStacks app on my desktop computer, and I installed the game, proving that load without problem. I tried it with a new account and I could play for 1-2 hours, closing and starting the game again several times without the problems of the tablet.
    I am thinking of using the BlueStacks application binding account of my tablet in it when I'll be in that house, and then retrieve it from the tablet to when I'll be in my home, but I have some doubts, and I do not particularly miss the main account is now in the tablet.
    These are the questions:

    1.- Can I recover my main account of the tablet in the Bluestack although in the latter there is a different account? in the Bluestack application I have the account I was testing a couple of hours watching if it gave errors.
    2.- What would happen to the this previous account of the Bluestack? is lost? I have no problem with that, but to know.
    3.- Once I have the main account in the Bluestack I understand that I have the same account on both devices, what if I try to play on the tablet without retrieving the account again on it?

    In the FAQ of the game there is nothing clear none of the above, and do not want to do anything that involves losing my main account.

    Any help or clarification is welcome.

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    hmm i think i can answer your question...

    your knd account is bound to a google play account. In theory you should be able to access your knd account by logging into your googl play account associated with your knd acct from multiple devices (bluestacks included)

    But you do have to be careful about this. For example. If you are actively playing on your blue stacks and then accidentally open your acct from your tablet, you will get a warning message that you are basically about to open your game while it is currently being run in a different device. If you "ok" this, your knd acct will open on your tablet and force close on bluetacks (and you will get a message there that reads that your acct has been logged on from different device, thus game is being force closed). The transfer should be pretty natural but if you do not save your game before this swap, you might revert to an older save.

    For most part, this isn't a huge deal... it just sets you back to a few minutes before. The game has a way of constantly saving itself.... the good indicator is when you seem to see the game "pause" a bit.. most likely its saving itself. But sometimes you can miss out on some key things. For instance, it might not remember that you have received a milestone reward.

    The players have found out that performing certain actions in the game triggers the game to force save... these actions seem random but are:

    1. changing lineup in arena
    3. changing knight hair color
    3. opening a chest
    4. changing knight name

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