Open To All is a relaxed and focused guild! 706 866 174 With 60 members, no gems required, the living is easy - so are the quests! We have made room for 15 -20 new members and hope you will be one! Merging up to 15 -20 members Inhouse can be done! KA is a Daily addiction, however Real Life sometimes takes priority so guildies support each other by playing most days and then it's fun - not a grunt effort! With daily guild quests, it's also a lot more fun with Lots of Active peeps. Guildies have GroupMe for social chat (if desired) and War Intel - it's perfect for war event or quest and game news. Guildies achieve a minimum 10k war points (cp) eachwar, unless on a rare occasion you have something going on and can't make it! Guild quests are the team focus every day. Global teams. Donations are needed for a few last guild purchases and then Donations are Done! Have fun! Relax! Play! Grow with us. Place around 75-80 every war. With you onboard, perhaps way higher!! C'mon play for fun! Yer gonna love it!
Casualty Rate - 40%
Health regen time - 40%.
Energy Regen + 25%
Upgrade cost + 40%.
Fight Honor Payout. + 10%
Building Upgrade Time - 40%
Infantry Defense + 50%
Magic Defense + 50%
Machine Defense + 50%
Beast Defense + 50%
Infantry Attack + 50%
Magic Attack + 50%
Machine Attack + 40%
Building Output + 10%.
Guild Member Increase + 40%
Double PVP Loot + 3%.
Double Raidbox Loot + 3%