Hello Modern Warriors,

Due to continued issues with Deluge in Djibouti, we will be ending the event prematurely and canceling it. We will update this thread when we do cancel it. After it is cancelled, we will start working on refunding all gold spend and packs used by players. Additionally, we will either refund the walls used directly, or if we have issues with that, refund the faction resources used to make the walls.

We apologize for this issue, and will update when we can.

Update 1: The event has been ended early and the game appears to be stable. We will be issuing the above refund by end of day 10/2/2016 pacific time.

Update 2: Payout should now be completed. The following actions were taken:

a) All hc spent on health and health packs was refunded
b) All health packs were reset to the amount users had before the event
c) All speed ups and hc used on speed ups for faction materials was refunded
d) All faction materials used for walls was refunded