Hello Modern Warriors,

Please see here for update: http://forums.gree.net/showthread.ph...g-WD-9-30-2016

We had a couple issues hit at the same time at the start of this WD that we are unwinding currently. The three core issues we had reported and saw are as follows:

1) Players attacking and losing health, but not gaining any points.
2) Leaderboard not updating correctly, in many cases just reporting bonus points instead of total points.
3) Lag and connection issues.

Below is the current state of these issues, that we will be updating as more information comes in:

1) This issue does not appear to be happening anymore. It is related to issue 3. We are currently reviewing, but right now it looks like the points were properly calculated on the server side, they just weren't updating for users when they attacked.
2) This issue is ongoing and being investigated. We are getting the points properly, and ranking/points are getting updated to the correct value eventually, but after a war they can become messed up for a time.
3) We had a DB issue happen when WD started, and this caused information to be sent out of order to users and the leaderboard. This has been corrected and we are in the process of verifying that data was not lost.

We will continue to update on these issues as we know more.

On a separate note, players are reporting that Health Regen is not calculating properly. Our testing has not been able to identify this, so we are asking for your help on this. If this is effecting you, can you please send in 2 screenshots with the following:

1) Your player stats profile showing your player invite code and your health regen bonus amount
2) The time to next attack/full health on the health refill screen of WD

These two screenshots will allow us to start identifying if it is a general issue, or if there is something wrong with specific units. We do NOT need screenshots of your full inventory, we can look that up on our end.