Why are skinnier people better than fat people?


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Thread: Why are skinnier people better than fat people?

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    Why are skinnier people better than fat people?

    Your thoughts
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    Better at what? Crushing milk cartons?

    A human cannot be defined by just his weight and you really have to clarify what you call better.

    If better means better in health; yeah, probably. Not if you're to skinny though. On average a skinny person will live longer than a not so skinny person. Study after study proves that fat does make your heart more stronger, because it still needs to pump around the blood. On average a skinny person has an advantage there.

    Better at drinking beer? Mwah, no.

    Better to look at? Mwah, if I remember it correctly we (the Dutch) had a period where Rubens artwork was very much appreciated (and it will always be).

    Better in brains? Nope, but skinny people get easier away with it (which is a blessing and a curse).

    Your turn, lol.

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