Hello everyone.

Back in 2012 before guilds were here, there was a lot going on with the Forum. A group of us got together and called ourselves the Forum Knights - we helped out, gave advice, direciton and even to a degree moderated the forum postings (as best as we could without administrative power).

A few months later, guilds came into play, and needless to say, The Forum Knights was officially formed in game.

Fast forward a few years, I have come back and found basically all of them have retired from the game. So I have now formed a new guild, Forum Knights Revisited.

This is a casual farming, raiding and warring guild. There will also be a place for people who wish to buy and use gems - coordinate with the leader, myself, so I can help band together some of the guildies to make your efforts worthwhile.

My IGN is Link. ID is 605-544-390. The Guild ID is 313-891-977.

Come around and ask me some questions, chat, etc. It'll be a good groupl.

- Link