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    What's up with epic boss again?

    Gimme a break gree!! Can you ever be consistent? Do we really have to wait til Friday now?
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    There's an epic boss now, but milestones stop at 60. (so perhaps me getting the **** III pet at 62 this past week was a one time thing only... :| )
    And on facebook a season 2 roadmap with some dates missing in the graphic and in-game a quest that should unlock a new area (but doesn't), which I guess triggered too soon, since it probably requires an app update which isn't there yet in the google play store...
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    It's there now, but only rewards to EB60, no 61&62. And whats disappointing again is that the reward pets are still the same. :/

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    There was an 'in game update' while I playing last night. I 'think' quest was a repeat of first Dark Prince message? Also the Arena went screwy & some of the rewards repeated etc. Buildings now show Gold for collection at about 1/5 the Level it showed before . Probably a bug ??

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