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Thread: [ANNOUNCMENT] Bonus UI Patch Update

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    [ANNOUNCMENT] Bonus UI Patch Update

    We realize that this update has added more confusion than clarity as we intended, and apologize for that. The fact that we’ve now located a bug causing issues with how bonuses are being displayed for the Faction HQ has not helped at all!

    Your Faction HQ bonuses did NOT change with the new bonus UI, however, a bug did cause it to display incorrectly on the Faction HQ Quartermaster menu. Below is an example sent in by a player that helped us identify the issue.

    Before the update:

    After the update:

    This is a bug that is affecting the display on all of the Faction HQ boosts. Research bonuses are being properly applied to boosts on the backend when the boost is activated, and show up properly under the temp bonus section of your profile when activated, as you can see below.

    We are working on a fix for this bug presently and will post when the update is out.

    Changes in Displayed Permanent Bonuses

    Previously, the boost bonus from the Factory + the research bonus amount from the Quartermaster all stacked and displayed in your permanent bonus. It now correctly appears under temp ONLY when the boost is actually activated. This has caused some displayed bonus amounts to go down for players in guilds with Faction HQs that have invested in these bonuses. Your actual attack and defense stats did not go down - only the display changed on how the bonus is shown.

    We’ve seen some posts about other stats fluctuating or going down:Individual player boost buildings are also not always getting displayed correctly. The root cause of this has been identified and is being worked on right now. However, if anyone can send in a detailed post, preferably with screenshots, we will continue to investigate and see if we can identify if there are any other issues related to this that we failed to catch.

    As an apology for the confusion and frustration this has caused, all users who have logged in the last 30 days will receive the following by the end of the day 8/17/2016:

    100 Gold
    1,000 Propaganda
    1,000 Recruiting
    1,000 RnD
    1,000 Logistics
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