Citadel Stage 10 is broken!


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Thread: Citadel Stage 10 is broken!

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    Citadel Stage 10 is broken!

    AoF Heroes finally finished Citadel Stage 10. It took a few months to collect all those militia, but we finally did it with the help of many guilds. And we were really looking forward to the +3% Conquest points for Stage 10.

    But wait, my Conquest Point boost did not change. When I looked in my bonuses under Guilds, I see that Guild Citadel Stage 10 is for +3% Influence Increase.

    IPassButter, this is unacceptable. Influence increase is from a different agree game and will have ZERO effect in KA. We have war in 5 days, please get this fixed by then.

    print screen windows 7

    image upload no limit
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