Major sever issues


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Thread: Major sever issues

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    Major sever issues

    Seems most folks are getting sever error trying to load the battle lists for new event

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    Thanks for the info.

    They might be tweaking things on the servers to get the lists to load properly... Hopefully, it'll be a quick & easy fix! I know that since the event began, they've been working on getting the FS RL to load & to load quicker.
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    30 minutes after Luna's post, and still server issues.. typical Gree event

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    People have spent gem son attack items that expire while error messages continue on and on will we be reimbursed for it?

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    There wasn't a vengeance bonus offered like in MW & CC when I revenged and lost.
    One of my toons can access the event , the other gets attacked but gets the server error

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    Funny how the buttons that charge gems always work - any tiny bit of testing would avoid these debacles.

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    I was about to say I'd just go play Pokemon Go instead, and now, of course, I understand the likely cause of an ineffective rollout and unfixed servers.

    Gree, did Team Instict come take over your campus gym last week or something?

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