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Thread: Valor and Vengence

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    Am I missing something? I'm getting more Valor points from First Strike wins than I'm getting from Vengeance wins.
    I thought chains were what we need.

    I do see now that some of my chains are higher, (5-7) I'm getting more points, 1000 or more. So I guess it takes a while.

    You peeps that are using defensive boosts, you won't have others hitting you back, so no chains for you!
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    I wish we could remove a player from our vengeance list..

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    would be great if you could visit the player you attacked to leave a message on his wall (like in the battle pvp screen) - this would be helpful if you have a chain running with a player you don't know (and fun too, to talk a bit while working on a 100 chain

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