Operational Dates:
2016-07-23 15:00:00PM PST - 2016-07-27 14:00:00PM PST

Mission Details: Ciudad Perdida
A new mission brief has arrived! Archaeologist Bags are being found around the world. Find and search these bags to obtain the specified number of Lost City Maps within 4 days to earn rewards but only the top ranked soldiers who claim the most maps to the lost city can earn the following rewards:

Leaderboard Rank Rewards:
Top 1 Lost City Energizer +10 Energy Regen ATK: 926,273,867 DEF: 617,515,912
Top 3 Lost City Submarine +35% Air Defense ATK: 765,874,109 DEF: 626,624,272
Top 5 Lost City M1A1 +25% Ground Attack ATK: 620,603,491 DEF: 620,603,491
Top 10 Lost City Shadow +15% Air Defense ATK: 555,856,948 DEF: 534,058,636
Top 25 Lost City Cruiser +10% Sea Attack ATK: 553,788,270 DEF: 384,835,916
Top 50 Lost City Commando +7% Infantry Defense ATK: 425,159,705 DEF: 362,173,082
Top 150 Lost City Crusher +6% Ground Defense ATK: 318,020,694 DEF: 318,020,695
Top 250 Lost City Helicopter +5% Air Attack ATK: 213,289,996 DEF: 271,459,995

Speed Objectives:
For soldiers who go above and beyond the call of duty with their speed, the following two rewards can be obtained during this mission.
Speed Run Teyuna Corrosive Launcher +15% Ground Attack ATK: 653,023,077 DEF: 736,387,724 25 Tokens within 48 hours
Speed Run [Ultimate] Teyuna F89 Lightning +30% Air Defense ATK: 708,599,509 DEF: 680,811,292 50 Tokens within 47 hours

Unit Collection Objectives:
For soldiers who go above and beyond the call of duty with their perseverance in rallying more units, the following three rewards can be obtained during this mission.
Event: Ciudad Perdida (1/3) Teyuna Covert Op +5% Sea Defense ATK: 240,831,206 DEF: 222,305,728
Event: Ciudad Perdida (2/3) Teyuna Gunner +7% Infantry Defense ATK: 370,509,547 DEF: 401,385,343
Event: Ciudad Perdida (3/3) Teyuna APC-M +9% Ground Defense ATK: 518,713,366 DEF: 561,939,479

Legacy Units
Legacy units are located in the following areas of this mission. These units are beneficial for soldiers who have missed out on the opportunity to obtain these powerful units. Please note if you already own them, these bonuses will not stack.
Limaq Sea-Diver +5% Sea Attack 4 Tokens
Reanimated Mirage +10% Air Attack 12 Tokens
Grappling Warrior +7% Infantry Defense 13 Tokens
FFAA Ambusher +15% Infantry Attack 14 Tokens
CIS Strike Commander +5% Alliance Defense 16 Tokens
Barrage Buccaneer +11% Alliance Attack 20 Tokens
Patriot Dragon +20% Infantry Defense 25 Tokens