No Haste for ILTQ 6/15, 11/15,13/15 and 15/15


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Thread: No Haste for ILTQ 6/15, 11/15,13/15 and 15/15

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    No Haste for ILTQ 6/15, 11/15,13/15 and 15/15

    Hi IPB,
    I just want to confirm this right or not.
    Are you remove haste rewards from ILTQ 6/15,11/15,13/15 and 15/15 ?
    Thank you in advance for your answer.
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    That is correct. For Befriending the Gnomes there is only one haste goal for completing all Beginner, Normal, and Heroic goals within 24 hours.

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    So is this now going to be the norm? I was able to get a couple of the haste goals easily before. Now that it is impossible I have been saying heck with it.

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    yes -liked it better before

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