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Thread: Another Reward Switch? Really?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Pharoah View Post
    This is disgusting.

    I think we are entitled to:

    a) the units we were promised in the first place, since it presents no material disadvantage to Gree to provide them, and we have after all completed the task required to earn them at the time they were promised.

    b) an apology for being treated like orphans in some bleak ****ensian dystopia by the company we are funding with our custom.

    c) an explanation for the current mania for switching prizes, or at least some insight into why providing one pattern of pixels is easier than providing another when the process is exactly the same.

    d) assurances that all reasonable measures will be taken to make sure this doesn't happen again.

    It was an obvious mistake. They corrected it. They removed the wrong units from everyone.
    GREE responded quickly and got it right this time.

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    So in other words, to some players, we should assume that every reward we get is a mistake and will be changed after we complete the goal. So why would anyone even bother going for any prize, even without using gold.

    We should all expect bait and switches from now on

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    I don't know why you guys let brown eye troll you so easily.
    Quote Originally Posted by CJ54
    Because without our players, there would be no game. And we aim to communicate that more.

    Signed, CJ and the MW Team
    Quote Originally Posted by Dirty Mind View Post
    your children must be so proud of you, do they bring in your phone for show and tell?

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    What is Brown Out in game name and faction? That should fix his trolling.

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