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    Lightbulb idea: more payment options

    like i said:

    the only payment is paypal, but i don't have that kind of luxury
    how about GREE put more payment methodes in-game
    like IDEAL
    or paysafecard (i can buy loads of paysafecards for the games i play and i have no problems with it either)

    you guys have any opinions about this idea, hit this Thread with a reply

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    You can use IDEAL to buy PayPal funds.

    Plus Paysafecards are useless, they can't do anything with them.

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    Wait, what? There's a paypal option? I thought like nearly every game KnD handles payments mostly through the standard Google/Apple services, for which most countries have those gift cards to bump up the balance if you don't want to link a creditcard/bank account to them...
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