Hello Modern Warriors!

We are proud to announce the newest PVP event in Modern War: Honor and Vengeance!

During Honor and Vengeance you will crush your enemies on three different leaderboards, First Strike, Vengeance and Faction Vengeance.

  • First Strike: Be the first to strike your opponents and earn Honor Points
  • Vengeance: Take revenge on an enemy that has defeated you and earn Honor Points
  • Faction Vengeance: Help members of your faction that have been defeated take vengeance on their enemies and earn Honor Points

Grow your Honor Weapon

As you compete in the event and earn Honor Points your Honor Weapon will grow. The more Honor Points you collect the mightier your weapon will become. Battle your enemies and take revenge to begin an Chain Bonus. The Chain Bonus is an excellent way to increase your Honor Points and grow your Weapon!

Boost your power!

Need a boost? Tap on the items slots during the event and unlock an exclusive store just for the Honor and Vengeance event. These items can give you the edge during battle. Choose wisely as only two items from each category can be active at a time. Please note that these items are consumable and will be activated upon purchase, they will not be sent to your inventory.

More information on this new and exciting event will be coming in the near future so stay tuned for updates!