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Thread: Focus Fire Crate - Available Now

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    Focus Fire Crate - Available Now


    Operation Details:
    Commanders, the Focus Fire Crate is now available. Many bonus types available including Energy Regeneration and Triple Strike!

    Operational Dates:
    Beginning: 06-27 3:00PM PDT

    Common Crate

    Focus Fire Hornet Pilot
    Focus Fire Thunderbolt
    Focus Fire Chimera
    Focus Fire Hound
    Focus Fire Event-Horizon +1% Air Attack
    Focus Fire Mass Assaulter +1% Infantry Attack
    Focus Fire Sea Hunter +1% Sea Defense
    Focus Fire Sky Hammer +1% Air Defense
    Focus Fire Artemis +1% Sea Attack

    Uncommon Crate

    Focus Fire Talon +2% Ground Attack
    Focus Fire Merc +2% Infantry Defense
    Focus Fire Star-Dagger +2% Triple Strike
    Focus Fire Zodiac +2% Sea Defense
    Focus Fire Manticore +3% Sea Attack
    Focus Fire Sea-Reaver +3% Air Attack
    Focus Fire Condor +3% Air Defense
    Focus Fire SwordFish +3% Triple Strike
    Focus Fire Janissary +3% Ground Defense
    Focus Fire Knave +3% Infantry Attack

    Rare Crate

    Focus Fire Stiletto +2% Alliance Attack
    Focus Fire Jack +5% Triple Strike
    Focus Fire Hellspawn +3% Alliance Attack
    Focus Fire Glory Seeker +4% Alliance Defense
    Focus Fire Hybrid +7 Energy Regen

    Collection Prize

    Collect the Focus Fire Hornet Pilot from the Common Crate and win a non stacking Legacy unit, the Defiant Corvette with +10% Alliance Defense!

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