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Thread: Conflict resolution?

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    Conflict resolution?

    I was wondering if any of you good folks have come across the following hypothetical scenarios and whether within your crew it was was considered an issue, or a problem, and how (if at all) it was resolved? If you haven't actually experienced it, what are your thoughts?

    1. Bob has 2 CC Accounts- Booger and TJ. Booger joins The Pottstown Pirates gang. TJ joins Snorerz Int'l. Both crews are top 250 and occasionally do battle. As an officer in SI only, what do you think?

    2. Derwood has 6 accounts, conveniently named D1 through D6. All belong to one of the 3 crews in the Family known as Evil Endora's Enforcers. (D1-2 to EEE1, D3-4 to EEE2 and D-5-6 to EEE3h). These teams will never be matched up. As another player in the EEE Family, do you have any kind of issue with Derwood?

    Appreciate any feedback- obviously the syndicates mentioned are fictional. Thanks
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    As far as scenario 1 goes it probably does happen. As long as Bob wasn't favouring one of the syndicates - sharing Intel one way, giving one account defensive wins when they match etc, I wouldn't really have an issue with it - and at too 250 level it's not likely to make too much difference anyway.

    I don't really see why the second scenario would be an issue either, again it's probably relatively common for people to play various accounts across a family of Synds.

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    Not speaking out of experience.

    1. It depends; If the syns are 50 and 249 ranked they are spread so far apart that they will probably not battle each other or have very much use of each others intel. There I don't see a problem, many syns spread intel with each other, so no harm done. Of course Bob shouldn't fight if the syns are pitted against each other.

    2. No. Intel is being spread around in all big syndicates. It would be stupid not to spread it in a family.

    I say; no harms done / go Bob & Derwood. However you asked this question for a reason. If you think Bob is abusing his intel to disadvantage your syndicate, well, you know what to do with an untrusted crew member.

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