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    Epic Boss GONE - but not forgotten

    We'll if your reading this you maybe as - I'll use the word "disappointed" about waking up to the Epic Boss missing from the game as I was.

    It seems that without much fanfare Gree shortened the time you get to defeat the boss levels.

    I have been playing for years and would never have expected this, but BOO on me for not reading the fine print.

    Oh, it does say UPDATE - but nothing about the new time.


    Bad show Gree. This was an awful "event".
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    I too was surprised when you could craft the second set of armour at level 35 . It is disappointing that the Boss has gone. However I did reach about level37 but can't now craft the second set!

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    Add to the increased difficulty, and the decreased time .. the milestone rewards state if you beat level 35, and have the base armor enhanced, you can build the plus armor .. but when you do all that, the game says "nope, you need 15 more pieces to build this" ...

    VERY upsetting .. and since I don't have an email set up on my tablet, I can't even submit a ticket ...

    Not that that would make any difference, I'm still waiting on an actual reply to my ticket submitted in December 2014....

    Perhaps the suggestions I have read in other places are correct .. Gree is trying to kill the game.

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    The epic boss event that appeared last week was only 4 days long, instead of the usual 7. The milestones and the boss difficulty have both been revamped. There's no word on whether the 4 day boss event will become the norm or not. I guess we shall see.

    The 2nd set armor not being craftable ... that is an error, and gree is aware of it. I expect that to be fixed soon.

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    Guess it went back to the old one, it badly needs a revamp. The 4 day one had maybe a bit too good rewards but something slightly worse would be nice. The current rewards are way subpar.

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    the 4 day one was nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrain View Post
    Guess it went back to the old one, it badly needs a revamp. The 4 day one had maybe a bit too good rewards but something slightly worse would be nice. The current rewards are way subpar.
    It depends as what content you count the epic boss. I think it is meant for non paying customers. Let's face it, without epic bosses free players would be limited to 3* because you'd have to come in T100 or better at every other event to get something comparable to EB+. Not gonna happen for me and literally thousands others.

    As content for gemming current rewards are of course sub par.

    I would keep everything as is now up to lv 60 and add more levels for gemmers. Shadowforge materials at lv70 and lv80.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Konny View Post
    I would keep everything as is now up to lv 60 and add more levels for gemmers. Shadowforge materials at lv70 and lv80.
    I agree. Or at least up to 43. Even if the boss fragments drop rate of new boss hadn't been bugged to reach 100 total at lvl 43 instead of the advertised lvl 35, getting boss+ would still have been near impossible for newer players with tougher boss and 4 days. (the bug I guess means the boss milestones stuff is just a set of bitmaps and not generated from the data)
    I guess switching back to old boss means they might have a rigid structure for boss and they couldn't tweak boss drops to reach 100 by milestone 35 (or preferrably 28) of new boss without a client update from the app stores...
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    And again improved rewards. 6 days instead of 4 which is good. It shows second armor at lv35 again, let's see if that's true .

    I can't play at work so don't know yet if and how much the stats have increased, let's hope not as much as the last 4day attempt.

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    Up to level 20 they have increased the attack&defense of the boss with 25% from last week, while hps are the same as last week (or normal level atm). 21& 24 were an increase of 42/25%, while eb25 (thats my next boss) has an attack increase of 67%!!! from last week and 90%!!!! to defense! If this increase is going to continue, there is no way of getting to 60 even with strong friends...

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    The stat increases are ridiculous.

    Lv25 was something like 2500 attack, didn't really pay attention and beat with 2 knights.
    Lv26 was ~3900 attack and I was defeated with 3 knights.
    Lv27 now has 4832 attack, thought 4 knights should be OK but nope, defeated again.

    Come on GREE, what kind of progression is that?

    Lv28 has 5702 attack. At this rate Lv30 or lv31 will be unbeatable for me.

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    At lvl 27 I had to use 4 guys and barely won with dragonforged armor. This is ridiculous gree at this rate I won't even reach lvl 35.

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    The difficulty curve is insane. One level I can beat it with two nights, the next level I need four.

    I'm at L31 now (so can't even get to the second armor set) and with five knights couldn't beat it.

    From one extreme to the next. It was more fun for me to have easier fights and get to L60 than get stalled out on Thursday knowing I won't be playing Epic Boss fights for another 5 days. One week when I was able to use my DF+ armor on my main, I was able to get four sets of armor created by defeating L73.

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    level 34 6045/2100/34,750 using two knights and a friend.


    level 35 6615/2111/36,951..... this will require 4 knights
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    lv30 5586/1791/32989
    lv31 5702/1964/33429 Lucky victory with 5 knights. I have Vargar, Vargar+ and Harlequin all maxed out and similar friends. And the boss has adjacent elements. But I'll probably not be able to beat lv35. The second armor is at 43 anyway and not 35 like the picture says. Anyone from GREE here to comment on the thought process of making the epic boss that much harder than before? Also, will this be the new normal?

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