The Global Banger Family ID # 713 730 677 we are fun, laid back yet very competitive. R23 last war, R27 last SA, finish all EB within a couple of hours, R10/3 in last RB. Our syndicate base is maxed out and 3 factories are level 9, two are level 8. You can be a free player and make our mins. Our requirements are War-9k avg. per day, SA-3mil avg. per day, 40 ammo donations and usage per day for RB. 5 kills per day on EB. Donate all factory production. These are easy mins for active players. Only peeps with decent stats need apply. Join us and have a good time.

You must have Groupme chat app for chat. Come prepared with SS of past performance and a good attitude for our drama free crew. PM me in Groupme at "Mufon ...". Include the space after Mufon, and the 3 dots after the space. Or just hit hit me up in game at ID #965 605 833. My interview room link is noted below.