Legend of Zelda is Recruiting a few more full time members!!
We are a neutral guild and Very friendly and Successful Guild w/ help from our Family.
We just finished the Serpentine Raid 2 weeks ago in 7th place. Was a VERY EASY T10 for us. So don't waste anymore time, trying to make it to the top. Join LOZ now and TAKE your respect and Success as you deserve it! 👌😎
*PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST BE LVL100, or close with some strong armors. You MUST HAVE LINE CHAT APP and add either line ID's "araparas" or "savagehades" to join.
I'm a 3 year vet of KND and I've been everywhere from top scorer in a top1 blitz to top scorers in t2/3 raids, to GM of 2 guilds, and I can say this is the best bunch in All of the 60+ guilds I've pushed with.