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Yep. There is now zero reason to log in for raids with the new "rewards" being nigh unto unattainable, unless you are a huge spender. Wars were already bad, unwinnable when you have a guild with only a few DF, and mostly epic or epic plus armors, and get put up against guilds with all shadow forged sets. At least with raids we could band together and actually earn something for ourselves and our guild. Now? 4 full energy .. and I attained the oh-so-high milestone of 7500 points on a level 3. A few raids ago, I could generally hit 50 - 100 K points with ONE energy.
I got a bit over 3K per energy on lvl 2s with Heroic+ armors and an old mono DF that's hardly any better than the heroic armors. (with my main hitting 3K+ and my alt 2.5K at the same time, I was killing the lvl 2s) I guess I'd need to see if they'll do the same for 2-day raids before I can really know if I'm doing better or worse on milestones with these harder hitting, lower point bosses.

Off-subject, but on "really gree!!" topic: I just had all my rings and amulets up to 2-star on my main account converted to fusion boost rings/amulets. 2x5 wall-of-text popups about it being lag prevention, but no clear indication if the conversion was enhancement point neutral/positive/negative...