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    Cool [Android] SG Knights best night crew in KnD recruiting!! [SOB Alliance] [Empire]

    ~ SG KNIGHTS ~
    ~ Proud Member of the SOB Alliance ~
    ~ Part of DK Empire ~

    Guild Level 75 ~ All Bonuses Maxed to +10%

    Hello everyone, SG Knights is known as one of the best night crews around since most of our players are from Singapore (time zone GMT +8). We're proud to be part of the Empire and SOB alliance. We're looking to recruit ACTIVE players, all are welcome to join us. We cater for hardcore players who want a taste of Top 10 runs and also casual players who just want to play the game without much gemming mins are 5k/day for wars and 1mill/day for raids).

    We formed the SOB Alliance with 3 other Top guilds: Phoebus Rising, Rushka Empire and The DEADicated and have grown to over 30 guilds from all over the world. Join a tight, friendly and drama free family.
    We make in-house top runs regularly, join our Power runs and modified runs. Come play KnD and have fun with us ~ You won't be disappointed!

    Contact us in Line - screenshots are required

    LINE ID Barretojy or Kenng39 or sgd_andre

    Some achievements in wars/raids we have been involved with:
    *Ranking #18 in War of Saints*
    *Ranking #13 in War of Eostre*
    *Ranking #5 with ally BMG in War of Destitution*
    *Ranking #3 with ally Gyspy Jokers in man vs monster*
    *Ranking #54 War of enchantress*
    *Ranking #1 War of bone with BMG defeating BBT for #1, 76M wp*
    *Ranking #9 Raptor Raid with The Deadicated 12/12/2014*
    *Ranking #2 Centaurette Raid @ SG Knights 24/01/2015*
    *Ranking #15 War of the Beasts with Phoebus Rising 31/01/2015*
    *Ranking #16 War of Adventurers With The Deadicated 14/02/2015*
    *Ranking #2 Soulmancer Raid with Rushka Empire 07/03/2015*
    *Ranking #25 War of the Technomancers with Rushka Empire 15/03/15*
    *Ranking #3 War with The Deadicated 26/02/2016*
    *Ranking #6 War with Trascendent Knights 11/03/2016*
    *Ranking #11 Raid with Rushka Empire 19/03/2016*
    *Ranking #20 Raid with Justice 01/04/2016*
    *Ranking #17 War with So Brasil 08/04/2016*
    *Ranking #16 Raid with Legiao Brasil 15/04/2016*
    *Ranking #25 Raid with Rocktree 15/04/2016*
    *Ranking #6 Raid with Phoebus Rising 29/04/2016*
    *Ranking #24 Raid with Fiery Slayerz 29/04/2016*
    *Ranking #9 War with Brasil TM 06/05/2016*
    *Ranking #13 War with Phoebus Rising 20/05/2016*
    *Ranking #8 Raid with Just3 Elite 27/05/2016*
    *Ranking #3 Raid with Canon 27/05/2016*
    *Ranking #12 Raid with GreekGeekz 10/06/2016*
    *Ranking #3 or better with BBT* many events to be listed*
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    *Ranking #12 Raid with GreekGeekz 10/06/2016*

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