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    {android} gm28 recruiting knights!!!

    Gm28 is seeking active knd players!!!!

    ******line is mandatory a would prefer those 18+*****

    gm28 is part of the rm(rain makers) family and the tmom family!

    We are a t75 guild with greater potential!!!

    Gm28 is a maxed lvl75 guild
    with 12 more bonuses to max

    we welcome everyone of all skill lvls from beginner's to current players and those coming out of retirement!

    We offer room for any and all individuals room to grow and achieve higher success in knd!

    Please come join the gm28 and have loads of fun^^

    message me through line if you are interested in joining the gm28 family

    line id: Ghostyfurfur

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    Bump for gm28, great guild and part of the rainmakers family
    Ashenfire Robes+, Demortious Robes, Firestorm Vangaurd, Cryptid Wargear, Ravage Shieldplate 2, Dragonborn Aegis 2, Chaos Vangaurd, Armor of the Peacock 2, Tacticians Regalia, Earthwardens Shroud, Crystal Finmail+, Crystal WingGaurd+, All Seeing Aegis, Crystal Geoplate+

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