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    Guild War Triple scores Query ??

    I am Guild Master of a small guild with 7 members Level 71. We meet regularly for Guild Wars.
    In the last war we defeated a Sentinel who was using Dragonkin Platemail, Minos Wargear and Robes of Permafrost.
    All 6 of the players there were able to defeat him with an average score of 530. We play F2P with the 4 start lives and play for the full hour and use the 2 extra and generally score 10k-12k points. In this last battle this same sentinel started to defeat us ( without change of armour or knight positions ) but scored 1600+ points
    How is this possible?
    Have there been changes to the game.
    I am used to gemspenders but they generally just use repeated attacks to win.
    Can anyone tell me what is happening?

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    They used power attacks!!

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    Yes, Power Attacks give you over 1600 points. It uses 4 energy for each power attack. It's an expensive way to win.

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